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WINNER! Benjamin Franklin Award
"Technical/Professional" (Silver)

      —Publishers Marketing Association

"One of the best sources on water topics."
      —National Geographic Online

"Invaluable ...a treasure."
      —U.S. Water News

The Handbook of Water Use and Conservation

"Much more than a 'handbook,' this is a veritable encyclopedia of water conservation methods and equipment in buildings, landscapes, and beyond... [A] superb reference that is both comprehensive and accessible. ...Anyone working on conservation programs for governments or institutions will find it invaluable, and many others will benefit from it as well."
      —Environmental Building News

"This new professional text is the most thorough reference ever published on water use and conservation. It contains hundreds of water-efficiency technologies and practices for all of your customer groups-residential, landscape, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agricultural. Whether you need conservation measures to tackle a short-term drought or a long-term supply problem, this book will guide you... Everything you need to know... A gold mine of resources."
      —American Water Works Association

"This is a clear, concise, and well-written work for all audience levels on a topic that will be of interest to academic, public, and special libraries. ...the definitive work on the topic."
      —Library Journal (STAR RATING)

"This is an impressive volume... Well organized, easy to read, and easy to use. It is evident that years of scholarly research went into this book. A big book in a number of ways."
      —On Tap,
        National Drinking Water Clearinghouse

"Highly recommended for civil and environmental engineers, homeowners, industrial plant managers, businesspeople, farmers, or landscapers. All levels."

"A toolbox for water use efficiency, focusing on practical solutions to boost the productivity of existing water supplies in domestic, industrial, landscape, and agricultural uses."
      —Newsflow, Global Water Partnership

"Those of us privileged to work with Amy Vickers have long wanted to bottle and distribute her encyclopedic knowledge of how to use water wisely and productively. Now she's done it. Her masterful book Handbook of Water Use and Conservation will long stand as the definitive work on demand-side aqueous solutions. It's clear, sound, thorough, modern, practical, profitable, and inspiring. Buy it, read it, practice it, publicize it, and the world's ominous water problems will soon be...liquidated."
      —Amory Lovins, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute, (co-author, Natural Capitalism)

"Highly recommended... as required reading for public water supply managers, corperate environmental audit/compliance managers, environmental advocates seeking to reduce the adverse impact of excessive and inefficient water use, and anyone wishing to save money while helping to save the environment oat the same time. This book would also be a suitable reference work in college lbraries for engineering, natural resources, planning and allied fields."
      —Electronic Green Journal

"A splendid handbook. If you're looking for information related to water, it's probably here, and it will be well displayed illustrated, clearly described, and annotated. This large format reference work has everthing the discriminating reader, scholar, or professional could want. Furthermore, it's comprehensive, thoughtful, professional circumspect yet supportive of new ideas and appropriate technologies... The text is handsomely designed, with graphic features on most pages. Tables are numerous, easy-to-read, and well-placed."
      —Permaculture Activist

"Ideal to stock in a reference library or employed as a course guide. Its range is broad, looking at water conservation within the household, in business, industry and agricultural applications."
      —The Ecological Landscaper

"A vast, scholarly, yet eminently practical guide and reference work enabling the reader to skillfully get the most use out of the least water... enthusiastically recommended for anyone with environmental concerns for water quality and usage, from lay homeowners, to agriculturalists, to municipal authorities, to corporate C.E.O's."
      —Midwest Book Review (Wisconsin Bookwatch and Internet Bookwatch)

"The most comprehensive, complete and thorough examination of water use and conservation to date. ...useful to municipal planners, environmental consultants, conscientious homeowners, industrial water users, and even farmers interested in reducing consumption of water. ...The City of Phoenix Water Department thought highly enough of the book to buy 36 copies for distribution in area schools and libraries."
      —Today's Librarian

"The handbook reflects the maturing of the subject of water conservation, whilst acknowledging its increasing complexity. At the macro-scale it sets out how to plan a complete water conservation programme and at the micro-scale provides technical detail on such items as taps (faucets), toilets, dishwashers and irrigation devices. Just as technical books evolved on how to build dams, abstract and treat water, there is now a growing market for practical and technical material on how to use water in a sustainable manner. ... requires the dedication and enthusiasm of people like Amy Vickers to take on the exacting task of piecing it all together and informing a world-wide audience thirsting for such information."
      —Environment Agency (UK), Demand Management Bulletin

"With this book, any excuses for wasteful water usage go down the drain."
      —World Rivers Review

"Congratulations on the publication of your book! I have referred to it frequently since its purchase. It's great to have all the critical information regarding water conservation at one's fingertips."
      —Camilla Dunham Whitehead , Environmental Energy Technologies Division
        Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

"As a resource policy professional who spent four years exploring the state of the art of water efficiency technologies and programs, I am blown away by the depth and breadth of information in this text. Recycle the pile of guides and reports that have built up over the years, lay off your staffer who is researching what other groups are doing, and let that expert water consultant stay home for a couple of extra days. Just read Vickers' book."
      —Andrew Jones, Project Director, Sustainability Institute, Asheville, NC

"Packed with valuable information. Very accessible and understandable. Vickers' look at water conservation in the green industry is a balanced one."
      —Turf (North)

"This definitive and state-of-the-art reference on water use, conservation, and efficiency measures is a "must have" for all professionals concerned with efficient water use and management-managers, planners, engineers, architects, academicians, consultants, policymakers, irrigators, builders, and conservationists."
      —Public Works Magazine/Online Edition

"Water conservation is very timely as we evaluate approaches to preserve and efficiently utilize our valuable water resources. Amy is a true luminary in our industry and provides great vision as we address these issues. If you are evaluating demand management and conservation issues, I would strongly urge you to consider Amy's book as a resource."
      —George Raftelis, Pres., Raftelis Financial Consulting, PA, Charlotte, NC

"Thank you for your fabulous book!!! I am so impressed with all that you have put into one volume. Clearly it's a landmark in the history of our industry. You did a great job. What a treasure that you have captured all this information and put it so beautifully into one place."
      —Elizabeth Gardener, Manager of Water Conservation, Denver Water, Colo.

"I think your book is fantastic! It's interesting, easy to read, and very, very helpful. I find myself reading sections that aren't even relevant to my work. Thanks for providing such an excellent resource for water conservation!"
      —Amy D. Munson, Water Resources Engineer, Camp Dresser & McKee

"The recommendation to purchase your book came from two researchers in the Water Resources Division of this agency. I believe your book is an excellent resource!!"
      —Bruny Betancourt, Florida Department of Environmental Protection Library

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your book, "Handbook of Water Use and Conservation." It is one of the best reference tools that I've seen for anyone working in water conservation. I work for the San Diego County Water Authority and we originally purchased your book for the office. However, I liked it so much that I bought one for myself so that I could write in the margins and highlight it to my heart's content. Thank you for an excellent reference book."
      —Rose M. Smutko, San Diego County Water Authority, Calif.

"I've been looking forward to Amy's book for several years and it was worth the wait. This book corrals the eclectic conservation field for the first time into a single comprehensive volume that offers advice on conservation planning as well as the best available information on domestic water use and efficiency, landscape water use and efficient design, industrial and commercial demand, and agricultural use and conservation.... This book should be required reading for new water conservation specialists entering the field and it is an invaluable reference for anyone working in the field of water conservation."
      —Peter Mayer, Boulder, CO.

"Amy, your book is fabulous! Finally, a complete and thorough examination of water conservation. Thank you for this wonderful effort. I will take your book to our next conservation coalition meeting to share it with my colleagues, and send them your way!"
      —Janet Sailer, Water Conservation Coordinator, Plateau Water and Sewer District, Wash.

"Dear Amy, Your wonderful new book arrived yesterday. I am really impressed with the final product. It will be a wonderful resource to all of us for years to come. Thanks for your great work! Best wishes for a best seller!"
      —Marsha Prillwitz, California Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, Calif.



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